2024 NCRN Posters Session

Myhal 580, 5th floor- Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship. University of Toronto



Name of Student


Title of poster and/or subject

Isaac Tunney

Alexis Lussier Desbiens

Drone Landing in Extreme Conditions

Sandro papais

Steven Waslander

SWTrack: Multiple Hypothesis Sliding Window 3D Multi-Object Tracking

John Bass and Isaac Tunney

Alexis Lussier Desbiens

Friction Shock Absorbers and Reverse Thrust for Landing in Extreme Conditions

John Lee

Steven Waslander

UncertaintyTrack: Exploiting Detection and Localization Uncertainty in Multi-Object Tracking

Ellen Bodzay

David Meger

Controlling Unactuated Underwater Sensors from the Surface

Enas altarawneh 

Michael Jenkin 

Knowledge aware graph neural network for conversation derailment forcasting

Deeksha Chandola

Michael Jenkin

Speech Emotion Recognition in Conversations using Graph Convolutional Networks

Thomas Sears

Joshua Marshall

OtterROS: Picking and Programming an Uncrewed Surface Vessel for Experimental Field Robotics Research with ROS 2

Andrew Holliday

Gregory Dudek

A Neural-Evolutionary Algorithm for Autonomous Transit Network Design

Farnoosh Faraji

Gregory Dudek

Uncertainty-aware hybrid paradigm of nonlinear MPC and model-based RL for offroad navigation: Exploration of transformers in the predictive model

Walleed Khan

Michael Jenkin

Technology exposure elicits increased acceptance of autonomous robots and avatars

Jean-Francois Tremblay

David Meger

Topological mapping for traversability-aware long-range navigation in extreme off-road terrain

Aditya Bhattacharjee

Steven Waslander

AugTrEP: Scene and Occlusion-Aware Pedestrian Crossing Intention Prediction

Pedram Agand

Mo Chen

Sequential Modeling of Complex Marine Navigation: Case Study on a Passenger Vessel

Arhum Sultana

Michal Jenkin

Stereo Video Camera 📸 Calibration in the Wild.

Julie Alhosh David Meger Active Sampling, Modeling and Estimation of Thermoclines in Aquatic Environments