NCRN Annual Meeting and Robot Trials

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Open to NCRN members

The NCRN Annual gathering will be hosted by one of our academic partners, Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario for a week-long series of demos, meetings and collaboration.

Research labs, led by our principal investigators, will join us along with our industrial and government partners over the weekend (May 31-June 2) for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which includes presentations by partners (Companies & Government) on their activity, challenges and opportunities, technical meetings, posters session, speed dating and a social event. During June 2-5 our main activities will include deployments and testing of Resilient Autonomy projects and Interactive Autonomy projects at Queen's University Campus. Students and HQP teams will have the opportunity to pitch ideas for commercialization of existing NCRN technologies in a contest called "Ogopogo’s Lair".