NCRN Posters Session

Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Toronto, Ontario

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 NCRN AGM List of Posters 

Name of Student Name of PI

Title of poster 

Farnoosh Faraji Gregory Dudek and David Meger

Driver drowsiness detection

Barza Nisar Steven L. Waslander

Gradient-based Maximally Interfered Retrieval for Domain Incremental 3D Object Detection 

Iman Jebellat Inna Sharf

Trajectory Generation with Dynamic Programming for End-Effector Sway Damping of Forestry Machine

Hanqing (Gaspard) Zhao Gregory Dudek

Web3+Robotics: A General Framework for Fault-tolerant Control in Robot Swarms

Ehsan Yousefi Inna Sharf

Hierarchical Robot Planning & Abstraction of Shared Autonomy

Xubo Lyu Mo Chen

Task-Oriented Koopman-Based Control with Contrastive Encoder

Enas Tarawneh Michael Jenkin 

Forecasting conversation derailment with graph neural networks. 

Louis Petit Alexis Lussier Desbiens

Advancing Autonomous Drone Operations for High-Voltage Power Line Inspections

Michael Lu Mo Chen

Reinforcement Learning with Hamilton-Jacobi Feedback

Hanyang Hu, Minh Bui Mo Chen

Multi-Agent Reach-Avoid Games: Two Attackers Versus One Defender and Mixed Integer Programming 

Tara Toufighi Mo Chen

Learning vision-based safety layer using Hamilton-Jacobi reachability 

Stefan Wapnick David Meger

Uncertainty-Aware Model-Based Imitation Learning for Robust and Efficient Path Following of Autonomous Ground Vehicles

John Bass and Isaac Tunney Alexis Lussier Desbiens

Multirotor Landing Envelope Expansion using Friction Shock Absorbers

John Bass Alexis Lussier Desbiens

NetherDrone: A tethered drone for underground mapping and inspection

Andrew Holliday Gregory Dudek

Neural BCO for Designing Transit Networks

Elie Ayoub Inna Sharf

Grasp Planning with CNN for Forestry Log Loading Machine

Francesco Marrato Josh Marshall

Frontier Exploration through Sound Source Tracking - Teaching a Robot Dog to Play Marco Polo

Faraz Lotfi  Gregory Dudek 

Under water object tracking using Aqua robot

Zhizun(Steven) Wang David Meger

World Model Learning with Value Decomposition in Multi-Agent RL for Micromanagement Challenges

Khalil Virji Gregory Dudek

Robust Scuba Diver Tracking and Recovery

Julie Alhosh Dave Meger

The Convergence of the Statistical HJB Loss for Policy Evaluation 

Nhat Minh Bui Mo Chen

A Hierarchical Prediction Framework of Human Navigation

Letian Wang Steven Waslander

Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving with parameterized skills and priors

Ehsan Ahmadi  Hong Zhang

Trajectory Prediction in Cooperative and Autonomous Driving

Thomas Sears Joshua Marshall

Mapping Waves with Mobile Robots

Zhitian Zhang Mo Chen

From Frames to Actions: Long-Term High-Level Action Forecasting using VQVAE Clustering and Diffusion Models

Jenny Xu Steven Waslander

HyperMODEST: Self-Supervised 3D Object Detection with Confidence Score Filtering

Jean-Francois Tremblay David Meger

Multimodal dynamics modeling for off-road autonomous vehicles

Charlotte Morissette Gregory Dudek

A study of Human-Robot Handover through Human-Human Object Transfer

Robert Codd- Downey Michael Jenkin  Recognizing diver hand gestures for human to robot communication underwater