FPInnovations Completes Phase 1 of Biodegradable Mask Development

NCRN Partner FPInnovations has successfully completed the first phase of its biodegradable mask development. As an organization that specializes in the creation of solutions for the Canadian forestry industry, FPInnovations has recently taken on the important fight against COVID-19 by putting their research and development skills towards the creation of biodegradable masks. The specially developed cellulosic filter media, the middle layer of a three-layer mask, is made from sustainable wood fibers instead of petroleum-based plastics used in other common personal masks. FPInnovations’ new masks are also proving to be 30% more effective than typical cloth masks on the market. Read more here. We reached out to Francis Charette, Research Lead at FPInnovations, for the following comment:  
       “I am so proud that the forest sector and FPInnovations can help to mitigate the effect of COVID-19 in a green and innovative way.”