MacLean Engineering Launches Latest Mining Vehicles 

NCRN Partner MacLean Engineering launches industry first- battery electric shotcrete sprayer and mobile concrete truck. The ss5 Shotcrete Sprayer and TM3 Transmixer now provide underground mining companies with an additional option for zero-emissions ground support installation from MacLean. Read the article herePatrick Marshall, Vice-President, Production Management at MacLean, comments the following:  

       "This is MacLean’s latest battery electric vehicle that we have designed and built (with more than 30 MacLean BEV’s currently built and deployed in the mining industry). The shotcrete application is an important part of the ground support strategy in an underground mine or tunnel. It stabilizes and supports the rock making it safe for people and equipment to work under. MacLean are developing additional  technologies for this particular vehicle, including remote operation, vision systems to measure and map the sprayed shotcrete and data / control integration between the sprayer and the mix truck. The long-range target for this product line is automated boom movements for shotcrete spraying.”