MacLean Launches Purpose-built Road Grader for Underground Environments

The newest addition to the MacLean line of Mine-MateTM utility vehicles is the MacLean GR5 underground road grader. This marks another step forward for MacLean, an NCRN partner, in continuing to provide innovative new mining vehicle solutions, with the first unit already shipped to Africa and additional units scheduled for factory production. To learn more about MacLean’s GR5 Grader, read the article here. We reached out to Patrick Marshall, Vice President of Technology at MacLean. Patrick comments: 

“The addition of the road grader to our product offering stems from our application intelligence in underground mining. The underground mining market was settling for a less than ideal solution, using modified road graders. MacLean identified an opportunity to make a purpose built road grader that better fits in the typical mine dimensions, is heavier duty than existing graders, can be fitted with MacLean’s batter electric drive system, and can be utilized in MacLean’s tele-operation system that is interoperable with other remote operation vehicles. We have released the first diesel grader, and our engineering teams now have the exciting task of layering on our newest technologies.”