NCRN Senior Fellow Joëlle Pineau Celebrated for Contributions in AI

NCRN Senior Fellow Joëlle Pineau (who recently gave an inspiring seminar for the NCRN community) is featured in this write-up by CIFAR regarding her collaborations using AI in the field of healthcare research. In the article, Joëlle says “What I find most compelling about AI for health was that we could potentially use algorithms to solve real-world problems.” The article also highlights Joelle’s beliefs in the necessity for fairness in AI. Commenting on the importance of having diversity in AI researchers in the development of AI systems, Joëlle is quoted regarding an early-career research experience when her team was building speech recognition systems: “We were only testing the voices of male speakers and at some point I asked when we would test female voices. It started out as a big gap in the research methodology but the fact that I was on the team prompted us to ask questions.” Read the article here.