NRC & Aquarius Innovation Announce Collaboration

Aquarius Innovation Inc. recently announced its collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (an NCRN Government Partner) to integrate the NRC’s cutting-edge work in artificial intelligence-based detect and classify systems into Aquarius Innovation’s fully autonomous drone traffic management systems, frequently referred to as RPAS Traffic Management (RTM). Read more about the collaboration here, as well as the official NRC press release hereDr. Iraj Mantegh, Senior Research Officer at the NRC, comments:  

       "The NRC team is excited to collaborate with Aquarius UAS, a leading Canadian SME, to integrate its proprietary AI-powered target detection and classification technology in the company’s Unmanned Traffic Management software. By leveraging NRC’s technology and expertise, Aquarius aims to elevate the technology readiness of its solutions for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations in the national airspace, according to the Transport Canada requirements. NRC has recently completed the development of an integrated detection and classification IP at TRL 7 for its government partners (e.g., Corrections Services Canada, Defence Research and Development Canada) and made available for commercialization."